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"We are imagining a future where Silverthorne's musical performances,
theatrical offerings, lectures, celebrations, artist endeavors, and historical exhibits
will define the town in equal measure with parks, trails, open space, and recreation."
    -Ryan Hyland, Town Manager


The Silverthorne Arts and Culture Strategic Plan can be viewed in its entirety at under GOVERNMENT/Key Town Documents / Recreation and Culture / Arts and Culture Strategic Plan. Or, CLICK HERE for a direct link. 

For quick reference, listed below are the plan’s Vision and Mission statements. 

In the future, residents and visitors of all ages, from around the region and around the world, will experience Silverthorne in vastly new ways; they will also experience the Town precisely as we experience it now - relaxed, welcoming, open, accessible, diverse, affordable and breathtakingly beautiful. We can see a day when the Town of Silverthorne is as well known for arts and cultural events as it is for its recreational possibilities. Our town will provide opportunities for the extended community to come together to share common and diverse histories, traditions, and customs as well as enjoy permanent, temporary, and spontaneous expressions of art and culture. 

I. We will create opportunities to build community and connection through cultural and artistic events that demonstrate in compelling ways that Silverthorne welcomes participants of every age; people from every place, language and history; and both new arrivals and long-standing residents. Events will celebrate our shared heritage and our individual experiences. We will include everyone – those of different economic means, of different traditions and ways of living, of different experiences, histories and values, and of different ways of expressing their artistic vision and their cultural history. 

II. We will transform the downtown into a walkable, welcoming, active place. Silverthorne’s residents and visitors will come downtown to meet one another for quiet conversation, active entertainment and educational experiences. The downtown will give entrepreneurs, artists, entertainers, cultural and historical organizations, and arts organizations the opportunity to find their audiences. We will connect downtown to the cultural complex, the river and the whole community. 

III. We will make the theatre, the Pavilion, the green space and plazas around the theatre and the bridges across the Blue River important areas for community gatherings. This will be a place for all parts of the community to come together for planned artistic, cultural and heritage festivals, performances, celebrations, and exhibitions. It will be an informal gathering place to experience a public art installation, learn about the past, sit by a fireside and listen to the river, or meet other members of our community. The complex will be the primary place for artistic expression. 

IV. We will link the Blue River to the theatre and to the downtown in creative and interactive ways. We will draw residents and visitors to the river that is central to our identity and a defining element of our shared traditions, heritage and values.

In an effort to strengthen Silverthorne’s downtown through vibrant and welcoming activities, the Silverthorne Town Council has pursued several new arts and culture focused initiatives. The design and construction of the Silverthorne Performing Arts Center (SPAC) is clearly the largest investment with an overall project cost of $9M. The SPAC is funded through a public-private partnership between the Town and the non-profit corporation, Lake Dillon Theatre Company (LDTC), which resided in nearby Dillon for over twenty years before outgrowing their facility. With the Town looking to enhance its identity through the arts and LDTC requiring expanded facilities, the two entities combined forces to create what Silverthorne Art Board Chairperson and Lake Dillon Theatre Company Board Member, Ann-Marie Sandquist, calls “the most ambitious economic development project in Silverthorne’s history.” Sandquist believes one of the very exciting aspects of the SPAC is the public spaces that provide an opportunity to showcase a variety of artwork that will be accessible to community members and visitors.

However, selecting artwork for public spaces is never easy. Therefore, the Art Board has chosen a diverse group of community representatives who will be tasked to make recommendations to the Art Board for art installations that fulfill the mission and vision of the Town’s Arts and Culture Plan. The work will not be easy, with a broad list of values outlined in the plan. Through an extensive public process, the community said they desire Silverthorne’s art to be multi-cultural, diverse, welcoming, relaxed, natural, creative, progressive, playful, colorful, adventurous, and energized. It’s a tall order, and the Art Selection Committee will be focused on fulfilling that request.

Silverthorne Arts Board meets once a month, the 2nd Thursday of the month at the Silverthorne Town Hall, 601 Center Circle, Silverthorne, CO. 

Arts Board Members

Ann-Marie Sandquist - Chair
Joanne Cook - Recreation & Culture Director

Derrick Fowler - Council Representative

Paul Kulik - Aquatics Coordinator

Mark Leidal - Assistant Town Manager

Blair McGary - Pavilion & Marketing Coordinator
JoAnne Nadalin - Council Representative

2017 Meeting Minutes





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