Smith Ranch Workforce Housing

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Planning and Development

Smith Ranch

In 2014, The Town of Silverthorne requested proposals from selected development teams for the planning and construction of a workforce housing neighborhood on the Town-owned parcel known as Smith Ranch.  Upon evaluation of the responses, the Town determined that the timing for development of the Smith Ranch property was not optimal.

Development of Smith Ranch continues to be a goal of the Silverthorne Town Council.

The following are reference materials that provide background information on previous design and development proposals for the Town owned Smith Ranch Property.

Silver Mountain Village (aka Smith Ranch) Technical Appendices - Silver Mountain Village was one of the earlier development proposals on the Smith Ranch Property.  A project submittal was made in 1999, and was in conjunction with a high end residential development called Buffalo Mountain Village located across the valley from the Smith Ranch property. Silver Mountain Village proposal was ultimately terminated in 2002.  The following documentation was produced as part of that proposal:   governing documents
    Silver Mountain Village Boreal Toad Study
    Silver Mountain Village Disturbance Permit Application
    Silver Mountain Village Engineering Geological Evaluation
    Silver Mountain Village Environmental Assessment
    Silver Mountain Village Market Analysis Report
    Silver Mountain Village Master Plan
    Silver Mountain Village Noise Study
    Silver Mountain Village Preliminary Drainage Study
    Silver Mountain Village Transportation Study
    Silver Mountain Village Wetland Delineation Report
    Silver Mountain Village Wildlife Assessment

Red Peak Village - The Red Peak Village proposal was submitted in 2006, it included those portions of the Smith Ranch property which were not previously zoned commercial.  Red Peak Village was brought forward by a private developer desiring to meet the town need for affordable housing.  Eventually, after attempting to negotiate a workable project, the developer sold the property to the Town of Silverthorne.  The following documents were submitted as part of that proposal: 
    Red Peak Village Draft Fiscal Impact Analysis    
    Red Peak Village Conceptual Maps
    Red Peak Village Environmental Assessment Part 1
    Red Peak Village Environmental Assessment Part 2
    Red Peak Village Phase 1 Environmental Assessment
    Red Peak Village Project Narrative
    Red Peak Village PUD Guide
    Red Peak Village Subsoil Study
    Red Peak Village Wildlife Report

2011 Housing Colorado Now! Design Charette - In October 2011, the Town received a grant to participate in the Housing Colorado Design Charette as part of the Housing Colorado Now! Conference.  Below is a link summarizing the results of the design charette.
    2011 Design Charette

Relevant Town Information - 

Smith Ranch Aerial Map Map of the Smith Ranch

Town Zoning Map - Zoning Map for Town of Silverthorne.    

R-6 Zoning Requirements - Requirements for building in the R-6 Zoning District.

Use Schedule - Land use schedule and allowed uses.

Comprehensive Plan - Silverthorne's Comprehensive Plan was updated in May of 2014.

2010 Census Data: Basic data for Silverthorne & Summit County. 

Traffic Report Figures 1-9 beginning on page 18 show counts, turning movement counts and level of service for current (2004/2005) conditions as well as 5 and 10 year projections – (theoretically the 5yr would be approximately present day, in theory – though not confirmed with actual counts) Page 5 also has some narrative description that may of interest.

Walkability Report - A study that looked at pedestrian issues in each of the Town's in Summit County.  See Page 15 for Silverthorne recommendations.

2015 Community Profile - Basic community information updated in 2015.

Community Profile - Marketing Version - Promotional document with short summary of community profile

Strategic Housing Plan - In 2008 the Town adopted a Strategic Housing Plan.  Silverthorne purchased 50 acres of vacant land in 2008 with the intent to build affordable housing.  The development of this property has been on hold until the the economy can support a project of this nature. 

2013 Summit County Housing Needs Assessment - County-wide workforce housing needs assessment, adopted in June of 2013.

2016 Summit County Workforce Housing Demand Update - update of the 2013 document.

Link to Summit County GIS Maps - Summit County provides GIS maps with parcels lines and an aerial overlay option. 

Smith Ranch Annexation Map - Annexation Map of Smith Ranch, approved by Town Council on January 28, 2009.   

Our Lady of Peace Church Site Plan - Final Construction Site Plan for Our Lady of Peace Church and Rectory, dated January 15, 2011.   

2017 Residential Build Out - Details of existing and proposed residential subdivisions per zone district, with number of units zoned, platted, and built.