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Sandbag locations

Post Date:05/15/2019 4:47 PM


Sandbags will be Available if Needed


As we approach the heavy runoff season please be alert for potential high runoff water in Silverthorne. In addition to monitoring the Blue River, Willow Creek, and Straight Creek. Additionally, the Town will be monitoring the West Town swale along Adams Avenue, Brian Avenue and Annie Road, and Salt Lick near the Wyler property and Buffalo Mountain Metro District.  Of course the Town will monitor any other localized flooding issues.

 The Blue River is controlled by Denver Water, which does its best to balance high flows in the river with filling the reservoir. We anticipate flows larger than last year, which were (1800 cfs).  That said, Denver Water will be working hard to keep flows as low as possible. Peak flows from snowmelt usually occur in mid to late June. Willow Creek (near Willowbrook) and Straight Creek (by the Outlets and through Dillon Valley) are both uncontrolled, and with this winter’s extremely high snowpack we could see some higher flows in either of those creeks. Temperatures and rainfall will be important factors in determining how much runoff we see from either one. Another issue to watch for is beaver activity, and floating trees, brush and debris, which can influence flow patterns. If you see any unusual activity, or see water rising, please let Public Works (970-262-7346) or the Police Department (970-262-7320) know so the problem can be addressed. If flooding in Silverthorne appears to be a possibility, the Town will be communicating with our residents and making sandbags available for those in flood prone areas.

 If you have concerns about flooding, please contact the Public Works Department at 262-7340. For up to date information on this topic, please visit our news page, which we update as needed.

 High Water Preparedness Information

Spring Melt-Off Potential

Spring melt-off in Summit County has begun, with the largest impact occurring in June. This year's record snowfalls will result in heavy run-off with above average water levels in our rivers and streams. Local and State officials have been monitoring the flows in all waterways and are prepared to respond to the possibilities of high water situations.

Public Works responsibilities include, but are not limited to: monitoring/evaluating river/stream levels, removing debris which may impede water flow, working with Law Enforcement should flooding become a  threat,  and providing sandbags to Town of Silverthorne residents and businesses.

 Sandbags are can be picked up during regular work hours (8-5, Monday through Friday) at Silverthorne Public Works:

264 Brian Avenue

Silverthorne CO 80498

Sand will be located at:

Hamilton Creek mailboxes


Public Works Cottonwood Shop

Between the new shop and JSA

26250 Highway 9 (Blue River Parkway)

Silverthorne CO 80498


NOTE:      Residents/businesses are responsible for filling and loading sand bags for water diversion use.

When sand bag use is complete, residents should return sand to originating sand piles and dispose of sand bags at the Summit County landfill free of charge.




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