Economic Development Goals

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Vision, Mission, and Goals

town photo econ devThe Silverthorne Comprehensive Plan includes an Economic Development Element.  The Economic Development Element outlines the definition, vision, mission, and goals and policies for economic development in Silverthorne.  

The Town of Silverthorne defines Economic Development as the attraction, creation, and improvement of the local business environment including:

  • Encouragement of existing business to improve and upgrade,
  • Recruitment and establishment of new businesses, and
  •  Quality development of both business and residential sectors of the community.

History of the Economic Development Element:  To ensure continued sustainability of the community, both in terms of economic and social viability, in 2003, the Town Council established the goal of developing an economic development strategy.  In July of 2003, The Town Council established a community based Economic Development Task Force to address the Town’s economic situation, define the issues, establish priorities and make recommendations regarding a long term strategy for Council’s consideration. This eleven member task force identified the top economic issues and provided recommendations to the Council in 2003.  To ensure that the task force recommendations were implemented and monitored, and also to solicit additional recommendations, the Council appointed a permanent eleven member Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) in 2004.  The Economic Development Element represents EDAC’s recommended policies, and are presented as a framework for the Town’s economic development activities.