Public Art

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Bringing the arts to life and making them accessible to residents and visitors is a key priority for the Town of Silverthorne, and we are proud to host several public art exhibits throughout the year.

From contemporary murals to abstract sculpture and mixed media installations to hand-blown glass pieces, Silverthorne strives to present works that are multicultural, diverse, welcoming, relaxed, natural, creative, progressive, playful, colorful, adventurous and energized. Folks can experience many of these exhibits in and around the Silverthorne Performing Arts Center in the heart of downtown. 

Silverthorne’s public art exhibits are curated by the Town’s Art Selection Committee (ASC) which is composed of seven volunteers with a passion for the arts. The ASC makes recommendations regarding all permanent and temporary public art installations in Silverthorne and strives to select works that best fulfill the goals of the Silverthorne Arts and Culture Strategic Plan. Most exhibits are temporary and rotate regularly, supporting the vibrant and ever-changing energy in Silverthorne’s public spaces.

Current exhibitors: 

Harold Linke SculpturesHarold Linke: Harold Linke has been a commercially successful sculptor for 30 years and has placed well over 1,000 sculptures in public and private collections throughout the world. Based in Colorado and inspired by energy and connection, Harold’s wispy, swirling, white sculptures in steel, composites or bronze exist to connect people with something higher in their own spirit. On outdoor display at the Silverthorne Performing Arts Center through June 2019 are three of Harold’s pieces, including two created from hand-laid carbon fiber composite, “Encore” and “Mountain Spell,” and one cast in bronze, “Spiral Dance.”

Joshua Pass: Nederland, Colorado-based sculptor Joshua Pass hails from a family of makers and was the first to venture into the world of fine art. He is inspired by the vast, open spaces and dramatic plane changes of Colorado and informed by the various cultures he has studied. With a passion for visual communication, Joshua started out as a machinist, a field where he learned how to transform metal through the use of various tools. He then took a job with a noted jeweler before developing a love for sculpture. Joshua’s steel, bronze and sandstone creation, “Link,” is on display at the Silverthorne Performing Arts Center outdoor stage through November 2019.

Kia Neill Art ProjectKia Neill: Summit County artist Kia Neill led the community through an interactive photo-sharing art project during the summer of 2018. Residents shared photos of Summit County living through social media via #silverthorneARThunt, and Neill wheat-pasted the images in public locations throughout Silverthorne. Many pastings can still be viewed around town in popular locations such as the Silverthorne Performing Arts Center outdoor stage and Red Buffalo Café patio. A final digital collage of photography was created with the distorted images that were pasted on different surfaces, such as rocks and concrete, as the paper tore, wrinkled and weathered. The photos can be found layered in the final #silverthorneARThunt print, a work that reflects the atmosphere and character of the Summit County experience. The collage, an infused dye-sublimation aluminum print, can be found on rotating display in Silverthorne’s public buildings.

Mike Graves MuralMike Graves: A multidisciplinary artist from Denver who focuses on a large range of mediums including paintings, illustrations, murals and art figures, Mike Graves created the colorful and whimsical mural currently on display on the south-facing wall of the Performing Arts Center outdoor stage.

We are proud to have featured the following artists and works as part of the Town of Silverthorne's Public Art Program: 

Community Works:

  • Before I Die: An oversized, interactive community art board inspired by artist Candy Chang.
  • Snowy Peaks High School Public Art Piece: Muralists Jaime Molina and Pol Corona worked with the students of Snowy Peaks High School to create a dynamic public art piece that was displayed during Youth Art Month at the Silverthorne Performing Arts Center.
  • The Silverthorne Art Wall: A community art project showcasing the talents of 24 local Summit County artists (seven of whom were youth) that included digital reproductions of each artist’s work wrapped on aluminum panels.
  • Unity Project: This interactive community project consisted of 32 posts, each with identifiers such as “I’m a parent,” “I speak English as a second language,” “I identify as LGBTQ,” etc. Participants tied colorful yarn to posts that reflect their identities. Their yarn intertwined with others to create a web of interconnectedness. In the end, we see that we are all connected by something, and it's our diversity that builds a strong and vibrant community.