Simon Beck Snow Art

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Simon Beck artInternationally acclaimed snow artist, Simon Beck, will be creating artwork in Silverthorne from January 2 to January 16. Beck typically creates his intricate carvings inspired by patterns found in nature and based on mathematics, but he also gleans inspiration from crop circles and famous artists, like Vincent van Gogh. He’s created works that mimic everything from standard snowflakes and fractals to spiraled cactus pears. In total, his snow creations—done both for pleasure and through commissions—now number around 300. 

Silverthorne is excited to have Beck in town sharing his magnificent work with our community. He will be working in a variety of different locations throughout the area through January 16. For more information on where he will be working and where to park and view his creations, please see below. Please keep in mind that all mural locations and dates are subject to change based on weather and other factors.

Stay tuned to Silverthorne's website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates and photos on Beck's snow art. 

Thursday, January 2 - North Pond Park

North Pond Park Simon Beck ArtBeck will begin his creations at North Pond Park on Thursday, January 2. He is expected to complete his mural on the pond around 3 p.m. Parking is available at North Pond Park to view the snow mural from the elevated banks and trails along the pond. 

View video of Beck's work at North Pond Park here




Friday, January 3 - Maryland Creek Park 

Maryland Creek Park Simon Beck ArtBeck will create a larger mural on the field at Silverthorne's newest park, Maryland Creek Park. He will begin his work in the morning and it will be completed early afternoon for viewing at January's First Friday, the Silverthorne Snowball. Visitors can park at Maryland Creek Park and view the mural from the perimeter of the field or from the top of the sledding hill. Parking is only available in the designated parking spaces at the park, please do not park vehicles along the roadways of the Summit Sky Ranch neighborhood. 

*Due to wind, Simon's schedule was adjusted and the mural at Maryland Creek Park was created during the First Friday event instead of during the day.*

View video and photos of Beck's work at Maryland Creek Park. 

Saturday, January 4 - Lake Dillon 

Simon Beck Snow Art Lake DillonWorking on one of his largest murals, Beck will create a piece on the banks of Lake Dillon below the Dillon Amphitheater. This mural will take two days to complete, giving community members plenty of time to see him work. Parking is available at the Dillon Amphitheater and Marina Park parking lot, with plenty of viewing points to take in Beck's mural and the surrounding mountain ranges. The best view for the mural is from Marina Park looking onto the lake.

Beck is looking for 10 volunteers to help him create his mural on Lake Dillon on Saturday, January 4. Volunteers will be accepted on a first come, first served basis and must bring their own snowshoes. Volunteers will meet at the Dillon Amphitheater. Please keep in mind that timing and scheduling is subject to change due to weather. 

Sunday, January 5 - CANCELED

Due to heavy winds overnight, Beck's drawing was erased from Lake Dillon. Beck is unable to complete the drawing on Lake Dillon and is taking Sunday, January 5 off from creating.

Monday, January 6 and Tuesday, January 7- Lake Dillon

Dillon Marina Simon Beck ArtBeck is working on another large mural on Lake Dillon closer to the Dillon Marina and Big Baldy statue along Highway 9. On Monday, January 6, he will be measuring out the mural and creating an outline. He is expected to complete the mural on Tuesday, January 7. 

Beck is looking for volunteers to help with the mural on Tuesday, January 7. Volunteers will need to bring their own snowshoes, food and drink and can meet by the eagle statue at 10 a.m. and at noon. 

View photos of the mural as of Tuesday, January 7 here.


Wednesday, January 8 - Old Dillon Reservoir

Simon Beck Old Dillon ReservoirBeck will create a new mural at the Old Dillon Reservoir! Hike up to the trail to the Old Dillon Reservoir to take in his creation that is expected to be completed around sunset. Parking can be found at the trail head, please be careful hiking to the reservoir as winter conditions exist. 

View photos of the mural on Old Dillon Reservoir here

* Beck's plan for 1/8/2020 has been updated. It was previously planned for Beck to continue working on his large mural on Lake Dillon, making it into a mega mural. Overnight wind and another sunny day have made Beck opt for a new location today.

 Thursday, January 9 - Maryland Creek Park 

Simon Beck Snow Art Maryland Creek Park

Beck created a heart design on the soccer field at Maryland Creek Park. The mural can best be viewed from the sidewalk going into the Summit Sky Ranch neighborhood. Please park in the Maryland Creek Park parking lot and walk up the sidewalk to view the mural, do not park along the Summit Sky Ranch roads.  





Friday, January 10 - Rest day

Saturday, January 11 and Sunday, January 12 - Silverthorne ball fields 

Simon Beck triangle snow mural

Beck will be creating a large mural on all four ball fields located below the dam and behind the Outlets at Silverthorne. He will begin the mural around 8 a.m. and will be completed later in the afternoon. To view the mural and watch Beck work, park in the ball fields parking lot and walk along the recreation path that goes up the hill. 

*Beck's plan for 1/12/2020 has been updated to complete the snow murals on the third and fourth ball fields. Heavy snowfall Saturday afternoon has prevented him from completing all four ball fields in one day. Beck is expected to begin work on 1/12/2020 in the morning and complete murals three and four in the afternoon. 

View photos from the murals at the ball fields here.  

Monday, January 13 - Rest day due to snowfall

Tuesday, January 14 - Silverthorne ball fields in the morning

Beck will return to the Silverthorne ball fields in the morning to expand on one of the drawings. To view the four murals at the Silverthorne ball fields, park in the ball field parking lot behind the Outlets at Silverthorne and walk up the recreation path to the top of the hill. 

Wednesday, January 15 - Rest day before leaving town 

After a busy few days at the Silverthorne ball fields, Beck is taking a break before he leaves Silverthorne. We are so happy to have had him create his beautiful artwork in our mountain community. 

Thursday, January 16 - Simon heads home!