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Silverthorne, Colorado: Established 1967

Town Hall

The people who make up our municipal government understand the importance of community engagement and work closely with residents to provide exceptional services. We foster entrepreneurship and creativity, and plan for smart growth. We endeavor to enhance our economy sustainably and create opportunities for our residents.

What does this look like? It’s our commitment to transparency and to providing the tools to maintain a clean and healthy community. It’s your ability to join a volunteer committee. We also spur economic development through innovative, business-friendly incentives and regularly help our residents and business-owners achieve their dreams.

That’s the big picture.

At ground level, we operate on a Municipal Home Charter Rule, with seven elected officials (one mayor and a six-person town council) to enact legislation, adopt budgets, determine policies and appoint the town manager. Town Council also appoints members to the planning commission, which reviews proposals for new development and makes recommendations to Town Council. Additional committees with seats open to the public include Silverthorne Parks, Open Space, Recreation and Trails (SPORT) Committee, the Silverthorne Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC), and the Citizens Advisory Committee for Public Safety. 

Your generous donation of expertise and time allows our government to achieve an incredible amount with a modest budget.

This is important work. And we take our jobs seriously, determined to preserve all that makes our community unique as we move into the future.

And speaking of the future, there’s a lot brewing. Right now Silverthorne is great. Tomorrow it will be exceptional, thanks to smart leaders making important decisions about development and growth alongside the passionate citizens of Silverthorne.

You’ll see our government operations in different facets of daily life from our popular Recreation Center to plowing and maintaining safe streets for our residents and visitors, to offering unique cultural experiences, and more.

Residents: Click here to learn about town services.

 Businesses and entrepreneurs: Interested in our many incentives, subsidies, and other partnership opportunities? Click here.

 Finally, we believe that the best government builds and maintains relationships with its citizens. We want you to get involved. Check out the following volunteer opportunities to find the right fit:

  • Planning Commission: This seven-person committee (and alternates), reviews all land use development proposals under the guidance of comprehensive master plan and makes recommendations to Town Council.
  • SPORT Committee: Volunteers on the Silverthorne Parks, Open Space, Recreation and Trails (SPORT) committee advise the Town Council on how best to spend lodging tax revenue in accordance with the goals established in the Silverthorne Parks, Trails and Open Space Master Plan.
  • Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC): The 11-person EDAC advisory group studies economic issues and makes recommendations to the Silverthorne Town Council to enhance and improve the business climate and economy.
  • Citizens' Advisory Committee: The Citizens' Advisory Committee assists the Police Chief in defining, reviewing and making recommendations to the Council on matters related to public safety.
  • Arts Board: The Arts Board aims to create a network of art that encourages travel to various locations throughout town. The committee is made up of citizens, Volunteer Committee representatives, Silverthorne staff and Town Council.

Our responsible and responsive government ensures that Silverthorne is poised to meet its residents’ needs and build a future unlike any other available in the region.