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Would you like to make a difference in your community?
Get involved in local government and run for Town Council!

The Mayor and three council positions will be available in the next election - all are for four year terms. 

Potential candidates are encouraged to attend Town Council meetings to become familiar with current topics and responsibilities.  

Our Regular Municipal Election is April 5, 2022.   



  • Voters will elect a Mayor and three (3) Town Council positions this election. 
  • The election will be conducted by Mail Ballot. 
  • Interested candidates should contact the Town Clerk’s office for more information at (970) 262-7304 or
  • Candidates will circulate nomination petitions 


General Information

At the April 5, 2022 Regular Election Silverthorne voters will be electing a Mayor and three (3) Council members.  The Mayoral and Council candidates with the most votes respectively will be elected to four-year terms. 

The Council is the legislative and governing body of the Town.  

The Town of Silverthorne utilizes the “Council-Manager” form of government. The Council determines policies, enacts local legislation, adopts budgets, and appoints the Town Manager. The Town Manager executes the laws and administers the Town government. 

The Town Clerk’s office operates under the provisions of the Silverthorne Town Charter and the Colorado Municipal Election Code. Town elections are non-partisan.

Candidate Qualifications

  • A citizen of the United States
  • 18 years of age
  • Registered elector
  • Resident of Silverthorne for a period of at least one year immediately preceding the election.

Further candidate information here

Nomination Petitions

Municipal Election Nomination Petitions are available at the Town Clerk's office.  To become a candidate for office, a candidate's nomination petition must be signed by at least ten (10) valid Silverthorne registered electors.  It is recommended that more than 10 signatures be obtained in the event some are invalid.

After the petition has been circulated:

  • The candidate must complete the Acceptance of Nomination on the back of the nomination petition and have it notarized.
  • The petition circulator must complete the Affidavit of Circulator on the back of the petition, sign and have it notarized. (Town Hall and most banks provide notary public services.)

Each registered elector signing a petition shall also print his or her name, and include the correct street address of his or her place of residence and date.  Signatures and addresses will be verified to count towards the 10 signatures.  Checking the validity of an individual signature will be the responsibility of the Town Clerk.  Rules and regulations governing election procedures provided by the Secretary of State will be used to determine if the signatures are rejected or accepted.

For the April 5, 2022 election, a registered elector shall not sign more than three nomination petitions for the Town Council candidates.

Petitions must be filed at the Clerk’s office no later than 71 days before the election.

All candidates must file a Candidate Affidavit form with the Town Clerk within 10 days of publicly announcing their intention to run for public office.

Electors Qualified to Vote

Voters in Town elections are registered electors who live within the Silverthorne Town limits (Town boundary map). Anyone may purchase a list of Silverthorne registered voters by emailing the County Clerk’s office, or calling 970-453-3479.

Click here for a map of the Town of Silverthorne town boundaries.

Check your voter registration here:

Silverthorne electors may also register to vote or change voter information at the Summit County Clerk and Recorder’s office, located at 208 East Lincoln Avenue in Breckenridge.  For further information, contact the Summit County Elections Deputy at (970) 453-3479.

Election Precincts; Polling Place

There is only one election precinct for all regular and special elections of the town, the boundary being the same as the corporate limits of the Town. The polling place for the precinct is the Silverthorne Town Hall, 601 Center Circle but the ballot drop box will located at the Silverthorne Library at 651 Center Circle.  It is the same location as all other County and National elections, and is monitored by video surveillance.  Drop off is available 24/7 in front of the Silverthorne Library (Summit County drop box).  There is no drop-off box in Town Hall.

Mail-In Ballots

Mail-In Ballots for all upcoming  elections may be returned by mail or by hand delivered to the ballot box outside the Silverthorne Library, 651 Center Circle (next to the Silverthorne Town Hall).  Drop off is available 24/7. The drop box is monitored with security cameras.

Mail-In Ballots must be returned no later than 7:00 p.m. the day of the Election to be counted.

For questions, please contact the Silverthorne Town Clerk's Office at 970-262-7304 or

“Active” registered voters (those who have voted in the last general election) will receive a ballot by mail automatically, so long as their mailing information is up-to-date with the State of Colorado. 

Visit the Colorado Secretary of State’s ( website to check or change your current Colorado voter registration information.

Absentee Voting

Applications are available by calling the Town Clerk’s office at 970-262-7304.  Absentee ballots will be mailed not more than 72 hours after the ballots are received by the Town Clerk.  This is only needed by those who will not be at their normal residences when the ballots are mailed in March.

Election Results

Election night results will be posted on the Town’s website as soon as they are available.

Miscellaneous Candidate Information

Order of Names on Ballot. The order in which candidate names will appear on the ballot will be determined by lottery after all nomination petitions are filed.  The drawing will be held at Silverthorne Town Hall.  Candidates and citizens are invited to attend and witness the drawing.

Town Council Agendas. Complete Town Council meeting agenda packets are available on the Town’s website,, on Friday prior to each Council meeting.  Visit the Town’s website, click on “Agenda” and you will be routed to the agenda management website and then you can subscribe or just select a meeting of interest.

Town Council Meetings. Town Council meetings are held at 6 p.m., on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month, Town Council work sessions are held on council meeting days, beginning at 4 p.m.  Additional meetings or appointments to boards will be scheduled outside the regular Town Council Meetings.

Compensation. Town Council members are compensated $500 per month ($6,000 annually); the Mayor is compensated $1,000/month, $12,000 annually.   

Town Code and Home Rule Charter. The complete Silverthorne Town Code and Home Rule Charter can be accessed from the Town’s web site at

Campaign Advertising. It is not a requirement by law that candidates identify who paid for campaign advertising– e.i. “Paid for by the Committee to Elect Jane Doe.”  This type of identification is informative but optional.

Voter Registration Lists and Mailing Labels. Voter registration lists and mailing labels are available from the Summit County Clerk’s office.  All requests for lists or labels must be made in writing, email requests to Kathy Neel at, mail to: P. O. Box 1538 in Breckenridge, or fax: 453-3540.  

Signs, Posters and Banners

Many types of signs are prohibited; for a complete list of prohibited signs, please see Town Code Section 4-9-5.  The most applicable prohibited sign types, as it applies to elections, are noted below.


  • Signs erected in the public right of way – all signs must be on private property
  • Moving, animating, revolving, or rotating signs
  • Wind-driven signs, air-activated graphics, or inflatable signs
  • Signs or poster signs, including signs fastened to trees, fences, utility poles, public benches, streetlights, or placed on any public property

 Temporary Signs:

  • Temporary signs shall be durable, weather-resistant, and fastened or anchored adequately. Temporary signs employing plywood as a substrate shall be of medium-density overlay plywood and shall show no signs of cracking or peeling on the painted surfaces. Lightweight fabrics or similar materials shall be mounted securely to a rigid surface.
  • Each property is allowed an aggregate sign area of twelve (12) square feet of temporary freestanding signage. Such signage is limited to four (4) feet in height, a maximum of four (4) signs per property at any one time, and a period of time period not to exceed forty-five (45) days per year.

 Violation of a Town Ordinance may result in issuance of a citation.

 For further information on political signs, please contact the Department of Community Development, (970) 262-7360.

Silverthorne Town Charter, Sec. 1-8-3. - Cancellation of elections.

In connection with any Town election, if the only matter before the voters is the election of persons to office and if, at the close of business on the sixty-third (63rd) day before the election, there are not more candidates than offices to be filled at such election, including candidates filing affidavits of intent pursuant to Section 1-8-2, the Town Clerk shall cancel the election and declare the candidates elected. Upon such declaration by the Town Clerk, the candidates shall be deemed elected effective upon the date of the cancelled election. Notice of such cancellation shall be published, if possible, in order to inform the Town electors, and notice of such cancellation shall be posted at each public place (if a polling place election), and in not less than one other public place.


Further information may be obtained from the Silverthorne Town Clerk's office, located at 601 Center Circle, by phone, 262-7304 or by email,  The Town Clerk's office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.