Community Development

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601 Center Circle

town photo econ devThe Community Development Department is responsible for all long range and current planning, building code compliance, zoning code compliance, geographic information systems and information systems.

PLANNING DEPARTMENT: Long Range Planning: The Town of Silverthorne adopted a new Comprehensive Plan in 2008, this plan provides a framework for land use decisions of the future.

Community Development Staff:

Mark Leidal
Assistant Town Manager and Community Development Director

Matt Gennett
Planning Manager 

Lina M. Lesmes
Senior Planner

Susan M. Lee 
Planner II

Greg Roy
Planner I

Mahlon Dysart
Building Permit Coordinator

Mark DeBonville
Network Administrator

Zac Hastings
Network Technician

Current Planning: To provide day-to-day assistance to  development, citizens, real estate agents, etc., regarding community development issues. Responsible for project review, the preparation of staff reports and making recommendations to the Planning Commission and the Town Council on all development applications. Responsible for interpreting the Silverthorne Town Code and making Ordinance changes to respond to the changing development community. Current planning is also guided by policies outlined in the Comprehensive Plan.


Zoning Code Compliance: The Planning Department is also responsible for zoning code compliance.  This program safeguards the health, property and public welfare by controlling the design, locations, use or occupancy of all building and structures through the regulated and orderly development of land and land uses within this jurisdiction. This Department is responsible for using the Zoning Code and approved plans to require that property is maintained at an appropriate level.

BUILDING DEPARTMENT: To enforce building and technical code provisions to ensure those structures within the Town conform to uniform standards. The building department issues permits, provides plan reviews, and performs field inspections. The staff answers questions relating to code compliance.

GEOGRAPHIC AND MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS:  This program supports and enhances the stability, ease of use and security of the town's information systems infrastructure (networks, systems, servers, software, GIS information and application data) on behalf of all authorized users, Council, and the public by maintaining GIS information in an accurate and current state, monitoring IT facilities and adding or upgrading networks, systems and storage as required by town growth, staff expansion and new or expanded applications. The Department provides general property information in the form of data bases, maps, software applications and computer hardware support to the public and staff.