Permit Process

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The general contractor must pull the building permit. If you are a homeowner and you will be building your own house, you will be acting as the general contractor, and will pull your building permit.

If you are a homeowner builder we do not require that you obtain a business license, however if you subcontract out any of the work the subcontractor will be required to obtain a current Town of Silverthorne Business License. As a homeowner/builder, you are expected to have knowledge of and comply with all requirements of the codes.

Plumbing and mechanical permits must also be pulled by the contractors doing the work. If you are doing the plumbing, or mechanical work on your own house, you will pull those respective permits yourself. 

Electrical Permits: If you will be doing your own electrical wiring, you will also need to take a homeowner electrical code review before obtaining an electrical permit. Electrical permits are reviewed and issued by the Summit County Building Department; they are located at 37 Peak One Drive, County Road 1005, Frisco, CO 80443, Telephone: 970-668-3170.