Permit Fees

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The total fee for the building permit includes the permit fee, which pays for your inspections, plus the plan review fee, which pays for your plan review.

Plan review fee must be paid at the time the plans are submitted for review. 

Building permit fee must be paid at the time the permit fee the issued. 

Excise Tax is $2.00 per square foot which includes living space, unfinished space and garage.  The fee is for new residential construction. This fee is paid at the time of submittal.

Impact Fee in 2005 Summit County voted to include an impact fee for all new construction based upon the square footage of the building.  The fee is based upon a sliding scale.  The Impact Fee is due and payable prior to the issuance of a building permit.

Additional fees that are due at time of permit issuance are: water and sewer tap fees; water meter; sewer connection; and construction water. (call 970-262-7360 for these fees)

Plumbing and mechanical permit fees are based on the assigned value of the work.  Typically, there is no plan review fee with plumbing or mechanical permits for a single family house, only on commercial projects.  Commercial projects that require plumbing and/or mechanical permits require an engineer's stamp and a separate plan review & fee.

Electrical permit fees for residential projects are based on the total building area in square feet plus the total number of dwelling units in the building.  All electrical permit fees are assessed by and paid to the Summit County Building Department.

Technical permits should be issued prior to that trade beginning work on the project.  Work done without a permit will result in penalty fees being assessed.