Forest Health and Management

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Summit County Wildfire Council and the SCCWPP:


Since 2005, the Town of Silverthorne has participated in the development of the Summit County Community Wildfire Protection Plan (SCCWPP).  The Plan is an ongoing collaborative effort of the Summit County Wildfire Council, with representatives from Summit County government, the local municipalities, the local fire districts, the Colorado State Forest Service, the USDA Forest Service, and private citizens.  The aim of the plan is to identify zones that are at particular risk of wildfire, specify forest management activities, and provide strategies for citizen preparedness, fuels reduction, and public education.  In 2011, the Management Recommendations for Reducing Fire Hazards (Appendix C) was updated, with more specific recommendations and maps for high risk areas.


Summit County government administers the Summit County Community Wildfire Protection Plan, as well as the Summit County Wildfire Council.  For additional information, including maps, meeting times, and accomplishments, please visit:


Hazardous Fuel Reduction Grant Program:

The Summit County Wildfire Council is charged with administering the annual Hazardous Fuel Reduction Grant Program, which provides matching grants to eligible homeowner groups and agencies to conduct hazardous fuels reduction projects.  As of January 2014, over 10,000 acres of property within Summit County have been treated to remove hazardous fuels. 


The grant program is a competitive process with an emphasis on hazardous fuels reduction and homeowner action.  Grants are awarded annually in the spring, allowing time for completion of projects in the summer and fall months.  In order to prevent the spread of noxious weeds, all Wildfire Council grant recipients must sign an agreement to comply with the Summit County Weed Management Pla when implementing the proposed fuels reduction project.