Frequently Asked Questions

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com dev graphicIs my property within the Town of Silverthorne?
The Town of Silverthorne boundaries begin at the Summit Place Shopping center to the south, and span north to Maryland Creek Ranch. Subdivisions such as Wildernest, Mesa Cortina, South Forty, Hamilton Creek, and portions of Ptarmigan Trail Estates are not within the Town limits, but are located in unincorporated Summit County. The easiest way to find out if your property in within the Town boundaries is to call us at 970-262-7360 and speak with a planner. Another tool available is the Summit County property query tool, accessed via the following link:

How do I know what my property is zoned and what that means?
Please visit our Zoning Information page for detailed steps on how to find the zoning on your property, the meaning of each zoning designation, and the uses that may be allowed within the zoning district. For specific questions, please contact the Planning Department at 970-262-7360.

I would like to build a deck or install a hot tub on my property. Do I need approval by the Town? If so, what is required?
Yes. A building permit is required. In addition, anyone carrying out a business activity within the Town boundaries is required to have a business license.

Do I need a permit to put up a sign within the Town of Silverthorne?
Yes. The size and placement of signs and banners are regulated by the Town Code. Sign regulations depend on location, and the Sign District in which the entity is located. Buildings that have at least 2 businesses are required to have a Comprehensive Sign Plan in place, which details building-specific standards for signage developed by the property owner.  Key documents: sign permit application and banner permit applicationSign code and Sign District Map.

Can I get a copy of my site plan and or legal plat?
In some cases, the Community Development Department staff has copies of legal plats and site plans available. Some legal plats and site plans can be emailed, or may be available for pick up at Town Hall. Please contact the Planning Department at 970-262-7360 with specific questions.

What is being heard at the next Planning Commission meeting? 
Each Planning Commission Agenda is provided online.  Town Council agendas are also available online.
How do I know if a business is allowed in a certain location?
All ‘uses’ permitted in Town are distributed by zoning areas or districts, and detailed in the Use Schedule. If a type of business is listed as ‘R’ in the zoning district, it is considered a ‘Use by Right’, and therefore permitted in that location. Other types of businesses, listed as ‘C - Conditional’, ‘A - Accessory’, or ‘C/A – Conditional as Accessory’, may require special review by the Town. In any case, please consult with the Planning Deparment to ensure that there are no other particular regulations or requirements for a given location. Limiting factors may include access to the property, available parking, and anything on the site that is currently not in compliance with the Town Code. Please give us a call at 970-262-7360, and ask to speak with a Planner, or come by Town Hall during business hours.
What if I want to physically enlarge or renovate my existing business?
Interior remodels or alterations require a building permit. Depending on the scope of the work, alterations to the exterior of commercial buildings, as well as building additions and site work will also require the approval of a Site Plan Modification. The review of a site plan is done to ensure that there is adequate parking, drainage, snow storage, and landscaping for the proposed business or use; as well as to ensure that the applicable District Design Standards can be met. Site Plan Modifications are reviewed by Staff and Planning Commission, with a final decision made by Town Council. Please give us a call at 970-262-7360 for additional information and details regarding Site Plan Modifications.

What does it mean if my proposed business is listed as ‘C’ or ‘Conditional’ in a zone district?
Conditional Uses are uses that require special review by the Town, and which are permitted if certain conditions can be met. Conditional Use Permits are reviewed by Planning Commission and approved by Town Council. In each case, consideration is given to the suitability of the use in the proposed location, the compatibility with adjacent businesses and uses, and the mitigation of any adverse impacts that may result from the proposed operation. In the Town of Silverthorne, there are many commercial operations that operate with a Conditional Use Permit. Please give us a call at 970-262-7360 for additional information on Conditional Use Permits.

I want to set up a temporary business, do I need a permit?
Yes. Apart from a business license, temporary businesses require the approval of the Community Development Department, and the respective property owner. Temporary businesses include, but are not limited to, tent sales, vending carts, and farmer’s markets. These types of businesses are permitted in 4-week intervals, and may be conducted within the C-1 (Light Commercial) and RFMU (Riverfront Mixed Use) zone districts, and by special consideration in other commercial areas. In addition, they are required to meet the specifics noted in Town Code Section 4-4-26. Please consult with a Town Planner for additional information on this topic, or stop by Town Hall during business hours.

Can I operate a business out of my home?
The Town allows ‘Home Occupations’ to occur in residential areas with the approval of a business license. A Home Occupation is a business that is operated entirely within a residence, and that is clearly a secondary or incidental use to the residence. Typically, home occupations are home offices for small businesses, which do not require deliveries or sales of products on the property, and which do not generate significant parking or customer traffic. Signage is also not permitted for Home Occupations. For specifics on Home Occupations, please consult Town Code Section 4-4-20, or call us for additional information at 970-262-7360.

Do I need a permit for additional signs if I’m having a sale?
Yes. A banner, up to a size of 32 square feet, is permitted for up to 18 weeks per year, in one week intervals, with the approval of a Banner Permit. Banners must be attached to a a permanent structure on all corners. Businesses that conduct ‘Special Events’ can apply for an Event Permit through the Recreation and Culture Department. Signage for special events is approved through the Event Permit, and is different than the Banner Permit. Please call us for additional information on Banner and Events Permits at 970-262-7360.