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town center signArticle IX of the Town Code details the requirements for signage in the Town of Silverthorne.  The 2017 adopted Sign Code can be found here. The goals of the Sign regulations include protecting each individual’s First Amendment rights, promoting coordinated and appealing signage in all parts of Town, and protecting against visual discord associated with signage.

Commercial signs are governed by location, and their regulation depends on the Sign District in which they are located. In addition, buildings comprising of 2 or more businesses are required to have Comprehensive Sign Plans that provide site-specific design standards for signs. Comprehensive Sign Plans are compiled by building owners, and copies are maintained at the Planning Department office in Town Hall.

**NEW** Any property applying for a sign permit will have to have an approved Comprehensive Sign Plan. If your property does not already have one, please see Section 4-9-13 of our Sign Code for the requirements. Thank You.

Any new sign, or any change to an existing sign, requires a sign permit. In order to apply for a sign permit, please complete the sign permit application, and submit a copy of the proposed sign, with details regarding dimensions, colors, and materials. Planning Department Staff reviews all sign permit applications, and inspects signs once they are installed.

The Town of Silverthorne also allows businesses or organizations to display temporary banners with an approved banner permit.  Section 4-9-5 (h) of the Town Code provides specifics regarding time, place, and size requirements for temporary banners. Please contact us at (970) 262-7360 with any question regarding signs and banners.