Smith Ranch Neighborhood

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Workforce Housing


Would you love to live in Summit County's newest local's Neighborhood?

The Smith Ranch Neighborhood is being designed with a mix of homes of various sizes and at price points.  Many homes will face the street or a community green, which will facilitate neighbor to neighbor interaction.  Envision tree-lined streets with sidewalks, unique and functional architecture, and some of the most spectacular views in Summit County!

The first phase of Smith Ranch is 60 homes.  The homes are all now owner occupied.  Phase 2 is under construction. The next phase of homes, or Phase 3, consists of 20 townhomes and 8 single family residences.  Applications will be available May 20, 2020 to June 17, 2020.  A virtual Open House was held on June 3, 2020, for a transcript of the chat, please click here.  A virtual lottery will be held July 1.  Please visit the Summit Combined Housing Authority website for details and to apply at

Here is a copy of the recorded Restrictive Covenant for Filing No. 1, or the first 60 homes.  The minor amendments to the Covenant for Filing No. 1 are here.  These documents are recorded and filed at the office of the Summit County Clerk and Recorder.

Additional information related to Smith Ranch, including the approved Capital Improvements are available in the Silverthorne Housing Guidelines.

If you have any questions about this project, please call or email Mark Leidal or Lina Lesmes in the Silverthorne Planning Department.  Mark Leidal, Assistant Town Manager, 970-262-7362,, or Lina Lesmes, Planning Manager, at 970-262-7366, Feel free to stop by Town Hall on the second floor at any time.

Smith Ranch PUD

The Smith Ranch Residential Neighborhood was annexed in 2008 and zoned R-6.  In 2018, the property was rezoned to Smith Ranch PUD.  A copy of that zoning document can be found here.  Illustrative Exhibits to the PUD can be found here.

Background reports that were submitted to support the Smith Ranch PUD include a Traffic Analysis, a Wildlife Impact Report, and a Geotech Report.

Project Fact Sheet and the Deed Restriction Fact Sheet

Resales of Homes at Smith Ranch -

Homeowners at the Smith Ranch Neighborhood are required to notify the Town of Silverthorne in writing in the event that they decide to sell their home.  All resales must happen as described in the Silverthorne Housing Guidelines.  To notify the Town, please email Lina Lesmes, Planning Manager at


The Town is seeking proposals from development teams who have the capacity and expertise to develop a mixed use commercial center anchored around a grocery store.  For the full RFP (issued January 28, 2020), please see here.  In response to delays caused by COVID19, the RFP deadline has been extended to MAY 29, 2020.   Thank you for your interest.

Below are plans and studies that were conducted for the Silver Mountain Village in 2000 proposed on the Smith Ranch Commercial property.

Silver Mtn Village-Sketch2000

Silver Mountain Village Wildlife Assessment

Silver Mountain Village Wetland Delineation Report

Silver Mountain Village Transportation Study

Silver Mountain Village Preliminary Drainage Study

Silver Mountain Village Noise Study

Silver Mountain Village Master Plan

Silver Mountain Village Market Analysis Report

Silver Mountain Village Environmental Assessment

Silver Mountain Village Engineering Geological Evaluation

Silver Mountain Village Disturbance Permit Application

Silver Mountain Village Boreal Toad Study

OTHER Relevant Town Information

Zoning Map - Zoning Map for Town of Silverthorne.    

Comprehensive Plan - Silverthorne's Comprehensive Plan was updated in May of 2014.

Walkability Report - A study that looked at pedestrian issues in each of the Town's in Summit County.  See Page 15 for Silverthorne recommendations.

2015 Community Profile - Basic community information updated in 2015.

Strategic Housing Plan - In 2008 the Town adopted a Strategic Housing Plan.  This plan was updated in 2017. 

2013 Summit County Housing Needs Assessment - County-wide workforce housing needs assessment, adopted in June of 2013.

2016 Summit County Workforce Housing Demand Update - update of the 2013 document.

Link to Summit County GIS Maps - Summit County provides GIS maps with parcels lines and an aerial overlay option. 

Our Lady of Peace Church Site Plan - Final Construction Site Plan for Our Lady of Peace Church and Rectory, dated January 15, 2011.   

2020 Build Out- Details of existing and proposed residential subdivisions per zone district, with number of units zoned, platted, and built.