Liquor Licensing

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Licensing Overview

Because the holding of any type of liquor license grants legal privileges and rights as well as imposing considerable responsibilities, the proceedings governing the granting and revocation of such licenses can appear to be complex and not easily understood by citizens.  This information is intended to assist citizens in participating more effectively in the liquor licensing process.


Private vs. Public Consumption:  when a liquor license or permit is required.  

Please call or contact the Town Clerk to schedule an appointment for submitting an application or to ask any questions that you may have about the process.  You can also find more information on Understanding The Licensing Process.

Annual Renewal

New Liquor License

Special Event Permits

Special Event Permit Application

Special Event Permit Guidelines

State of Colorado Laws

The Town of Silverthorne follows the Colorado Revised Statutes for all liquor licensing.

The liquor laws of the State of Colorado Department of Revenue; Liquor Enforcement restricts the sale and dispensing of alcohol beverages. Any person intending to manufacture, sell, or traffic malt, vinous or spirituous liquor in the State of Colorado must apply for a liquor license.  

 The State of Colorado link is provided for more information:

 State of Colorado website re: liquor enforcement laws, rules & regulations


State of Colorado Forms & Fees


Liquor Server Training

(required by Town Code within 60 days of new license or new hire)



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