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Organizational Values

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Customer Service
1. Creativity - demonstrates creativity in everyday performance as well as when handling assignments and special projects.
2. Customer needs met in a flexible and responsive manner.
3. Assumes personal responsibility for providing quality service and responsiveness as perceived by the customer.
4. Interacts with internal and external customers with courtesy and respect.

1. Actively promotes a climate of teamwork and cooperation when working with others. Treats all staff with professional respect.
2. Coordinates plans and actions with others involved.
3. Obtains cooperation and action from others not under direct control.
4. Provides appropriate assistance to others.
5. Works harmoniously with others to successfully complete assignments and further the mission of the Department and Town.

Communication Skills
1. Verbal Communications - effectively communicates information, thoughts and ideas to different audiences. Clearly communicates work requirements and expectations to staff.
2. Written Communications - writes effective memorandums, letters, reports and evaluations. Utilizes correct sentence structure, grammar and spelling.
3. Presentation Skills - effectively communicates to groups such as Town Council, Planning Commission, civic organizations or school classes.

Work Ethic
1. Willing to do what it takes to get the job done – makes an effort to help fellow employees in completing their assignments even when it means working extra hours without complaint.
2. Follows rules and directions – adheres to the instructions given by supervisors.
3. Integrity – maintains the highest ethical standards of the Department and the profession
4. Dependability – adheres to established work hours, is on time and makes appropriate use of personal time.
5. Promotes and supports organizational decisions.

1. Understands and always adheres to good safety practices.
2. Performs job safely with no safety violations.
3. Always wears proper personal safety protection equipment.
4. Maintains a clean and organized work area.
5. Able to identify safety hazards and notify management.