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601 Center Circle / PO Box 1167

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Command Staff

John Minor
Chief of Police #1

Tim Osborn
Senior Sergeant #8

Rachel Dunaway
Sergeant #6

Joel Ponedel
Sergeant #5

Bryan Siebel
Sergeant #7


Patricia Julin
Administrative Assistant #19

Lynn Schlough
Administrative Assistant #18


Rich Watson
Detective #12

James Dye
Evidence Technician #17

Community Services

Kirsten Jacobse
Community Services Officer #16


Anne Baldwin
Senior Officer #20

Jacob Arneson
Patrol Officer #28

Ignacio Balbiani
Patrol Officer #27

Rebecca Brenner
Patrol Officer #25

Abigail Carreras
Patrol Officer #22

Ryan Hosier
Patrol Officer #32

Allen Jambor
Patrol Officer #24

Mariah Kroschel
Patrol Officer #31

Kaelan Schartung
Patrol Officer #23

Matthew Tarnoff
Patrol Officer #21

Justin Tarpley
Patrol Officer #29

Logan VanDuzer
Patrol Officer #33


Your police. Our community.

These are powerful words and they are the core of this department's philosophies. This phrase adorns our vehicles as a visual reminder of how the police, along with the community it serves, must work as one in order to preserve the peace we all enjoy. Our adopted motto is akin to that of our great nation, E pluribus unum,  "From many, one."

This is exemplified through our winning of the esteemed "American Spirit Award" on two separate occasions. The Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) web page says this about the award:

"This Award is specifically targeted to those agencies, serving smaller communities, which do not allow limited manpower, resources or finances to inhibit them in seeking to provide more than basic services. The Award shall be given to small agencies, which ascribe to high standards, set and attain high performance goals, and provide their community with uncompromisingly professional service, despite adversity."

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A Message From the Chief

Chief of Police

The Silverthorne Police Department is a small progressive police agency located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, we are a group of innovative problem solvers, and the true beauty of working with such a small well-educated group is: “we can think it today…and do it tomorrow.” All of our actions and interactions are guided by our Core Value Statement:

     "We will police others as we would want to be policed; and we will treat          others as we would want to be treated."

                                                                                         -Chris Braiden

These are not just words on a wall, it’s part of who we are, it’s our culture and our most fundamental belief. On that note, we occasionally need bright talented people who have a spirit of service. If this is you, and the idea of working in one of the most beautiful places in the world interests you, then give us a call.

For those of you not familiar with the Town of Silverthorne, we are truly the gateway to the western slope of Colorado. Our recreational and cultural opportunities are second to none; this includes our close proximity to world class ski areas, mountain biking, a state of the art recreation center and our performing arts center, fly fishing on the Blue River which runs through our community, and an endless supply of shopping opportunities. We are a vibrant community, that truly cares about the people that serve it.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Silverthorne Police Department is to enhance the quality of life within the town by working closely with citizens in the development and delivery of professional police services.


The Silverthorne Police Department will:

  • Strive to maintain its close knit "family" connections with the department members and the Town staff, and will make a concerted effort to continue its measured growth in size and diversity based upon the needs and expectations of the community.
  • Have a strong national reputation for innovation and quality in Community Policing Initiatives.
  • Become a foundation agency within Summit County through recruitment and retention of quality personnel, planned and progressive training opportunities, deployment of effective technology, and concerted efforts to collaborate with neighboring law enforcement agencies.


The Silverthorne Police Department earnestly believes that these stated values act as the foundation qualities, which insure our successful navigation through the difficult terrain associated with delivering quality police services. These are the behaviors we value and are committed to as we work together:

  • Integrity - An outward expression of our actions and beliefs, consistent with our core values, that instills trust.
  • Teamwork - Working together toward organizational success without concern for who receives the credit.
  • Compassion - Being sensitive, caring, and considerate.
  • Diversity - Each of us contributes in a special way, to make our special talents and perspectives part of the corporate effort.
  • Respect - Objective, unbiased consideration and acknowledgement of the rights, values, beliefs and property of all people and communities.
  • Innovation - We work together for creative solutions, asking the question "Is there a better way to do this?"
  • Professionalism - A conscientious awareness of our role, image, skill and knowledge in our commitment to quality, community-oriented service.




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Statute 16-2.5-301

The Silverthorne Police Department will request that the Colorado Bureau of Investigation investigate any and all incidents involving the discharge of a firearm by an Officer that results in injury or death per Statute 16-2.5-301. 

§ 16-2.5-301. Peace officer-involved shooting investigations--protocol

(1) Each police department, sheriff's office, and district attorney within the state shall develop protocols for participating in a multi-agency team, which shall include at least one other police department or sheriff's office, or the Colorado bureau of investigation, in conducting any investigation, evaluation, and review of an incident involving the discharge of a firearm by a peace officer that resulted in injury or death. The law enforcement agencies participating need not be from the same judicial district.

(2) Each law enforcement agency shall post the protocol on its web site or, if it does not have a web site, make it publicly available upon request. The protocols required by this section shall be completed and implemented by December 31, 2015.