Community Programs

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Child Safety Seat Inspection Havin' some fun!
There is currently one Community Service Officer and one Administrative Assistant on staff trained in the inspection and installation of child safety seats. Each technician has completed 40 hours of instruction and is certified by the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration. Inspections are free of charge, by appointment only.

Alcohol Training/TIPS
The police department holds monthly classes in TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures). Classes are $15 for each person which covers the cost of the required textbook. If a business has at least five employees that need training, a special class may be held for that business. All employees in Silverthorne that serve or sell alcohol are required to complete alcohol awareness training as a condition of the business liquor license.

Bicycle Safety Course
Police officers are trained in bicycle safety and are also skilled riders. The department, upon request, will put together a bicycle rodeo/obstacle course for special events. This program is geared towards children and teaches the rules of the road as well as basic riding skills and bicycle maintenance.

The police department has several volunteer interpreters who can be called to the scene of an incident or to the police department in the event of a language barrier. Some Silverthorne officers are fairly proficient in Spanish. The department is always looking for more bilingual persons of all languages to volunteer to help with these instances. Please contact us at 970 262 7320 to inquire about translator/interpreter opportunities.

Neighborhood Watch
The Neighborhood Watch program is a proactive approach to crime prevention in higher crime areas. This program partners the residents of a neighborhood with the police department, working together to address specific problems. Once problems are identified, everyone works together to come up with solutions that are then implemented to address the problems.

Adopt an Angel
This is a Christmas program to distribute gifts to deserving children in the area. Christmas ornaments in the shape of angels with children's gender and age written on them are hung on trees placed throughout the Town. Anyone can choose an ornament, purchase a present for the child, and return the presents to the police department, unwrapped, to be distributed during Christmas week.

High School Internship
The police department has a program in cooperation with the Summit High School for students that are interested in a law enforcement career to apply as an intern with the police department. The internship generally last for one semester and the student earns credit hours towards their graduation. Tasks assigned to the intern vary; however they are geared toward providing the student with information about the criminal justice system, mixed with a limited amount of "hands on" public contact.

Ride Along Program
The Silverthorne Police Department encourages civilians to ride with officers for a limited time during their work shift. This allows the civilian to see what an officer does on a day-to-day basis and also allows potential applicants or future officers to get a feel for what police work entails.

Silverthorne Police Department offers free fingerprinting for persons residing in the town limits of Silverthorne. All other persons are assessed a $20 fee. Fingerprinting may be done Tuesday - Thursday 9:00am - 4:00pm.

Bicycle Registration
Anyone can register their bicycle free of charge at the police department during business hours. Recovered bicycles that have been registered are far more likely to be returned to the owner. Registration only takes a few minutes!

Victim Assistance
The Victim Assistance Program provides a support system for victims of criminal or traumatic incidents. Following is the summary of rights guaranteed victims by the State of Colorado's Victim Rights Act:

  • To be treated with fairness, respect, and dignity, and to be free from intimidation, harassment, or abuse.
  • To be informed about what steps can be taken for protection from future intimidation and harm. Be kept informed of various phases of their case, including investigation, filing of charges, prosecution, trial, and sentencing.
  • To be present and provide information and input, written or in person, regarding decisions in plea-bargaining, sentencing, and parole release.
  • To be informed about their eligibility for crime victim compensation as well as assistance in completing application forms in a timely manner.
  • Employer intercession

Chaplain Program
This program is designed to provide spiritual guidance and assistance to citizens and officers involved in crisis situations. The services of a Chaplain are available on the basis of need and desire. The Chaplain is not intended to replace a citizen's own Rabbi, Pastor, Priest, or other spiritual counselor but may be considered a spiritual shoulder for the person in crisis to rely on during a difficult situation.

The Silverthorne Police Department has established a DARE Program (Drug and Alcohol Education) within the Silverthorne Elementary School. The program is a collaborative effort, in which officers educate students to recognize and resist the many direct and subtle pressures that influence them to experiment with alcohol, tobacco products, inhalants, or other drugs, or to engage in violent behavior.

Safe Summer Kickoff
Each year, the public safety agencies from around the county gather at the Silverthorne Elementary School with all their toys to interact with citizens and share what they do. The Silverthorne Police Department sponsors a free barbeque and promotes different safety events for the day, including a bicycle rodeo.