Highway Closure

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Highway closures vary in length depending on what caused the closure and that, coupled with the uncertainty of evolving weather, makes it nearly impossible to determine an estimated time for re-opening.  Cotrip.org has the latest information on opening, please do not stop your vehicle in a lane of traffic to ask officers when the highway may open.

During a closure on I-70 please DO NOT queue your vehicles along Highway 9 or Highway 6 hoping to be one of the first back onto I-70 when it opens.  This just causes further congestion problems for emergency vehicles who are trying to clear the problem and get the road open again, as well as for travelers trying to commute through the area on those roads.  Parking along either Highway 6 or 9 is a criminal offense covered under Colorado Revised Statutes; Parking Prohibited 42-4-1202, Obstructing a Roadway 18-9-107 and Obedience to a Police Officer 42-4-107.

Thank you for your patience and know that CDOT and emergency personnel are working diligently to get the highway opened as soon as safely practical.  The following information should assist with locations to go and what to do during a closure:

road closure


roadclosure trucker