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Regulations for Parking on Town Right of Way

There are three types of permits are available for parking on the Town Right of Way (R-O-W):

Special Events Parking permits:

  • Issued for Town special events, parties, and similar one-time short duration events
  • Permits for special event parking may be issued for up to three days
  • Public Safety and Public Works must approve these permits.

Construction Parking permits:

  • Issued for up to 6-months with the possibility of renewals up to the completion date of construction, based on prior compliance and inspection, for construction vehicles only. No overnight parking is allowed. Permits are issued at the same time as building permits or after. Permits are issued by Public Safety following review and approval by Public Works and Community Development.
  • The Town will only issue permits for parking on R-O-W if no opportunities exist to provide parking on site.
  • Vehicles must be parked as far off the asphalt as possible.
  • Areas with more than one construction site will require communication between sites to determine what side of the road everyone will park, as parking must be on one side of the road.
  • Permits must be displayed at the job site next to the building permit.

 Long-Term Parking permits:

  • Issued when allowed parking in the R-O-W will not interfere with the safety, aesthetics or required use of the R-O-W or interfere with any Town issue. Permits are issued by Public Safety following review and approval by Public Works and Community Development.
  • Long-term parking on Town R-O-W may not be used to provide required parking for a site plan approval.
  • Long-term parking will normally require hard surfacing and drainage provisions similar to normal site planning requirements. There may be a fee for use of the property. Permits may be issued for up to 12 months. If approved by the town, permits may be renewed annually.

The Town may impose conditions on any permit, as it deems necessary. The Town, for any reason, may revoke any parking permit noted above. The permitee, following request by the Town, shall remove any grading or other improvements to the area used.

A completed Permit Application shall be submitted to Public Safety. The town shall endeavor to respond to permit requests within 2 weeks.

 If you meet the criteria above and would like to apply for a permit, you can do that online here:

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