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Special Operations

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The Silverthorne Police Department is a part of the Summit County Special Weapons and Tactics Team. which resolves critical incidents such as: hostage situations, barricaded suspects, drug raids, and service of high-risk warrants. They respond to incidents that pose a high risk to the safety of the public and/or officers involved, and which require the training, weapons, and skills of a tactical team and/or hostage negotiator. There are currently twenty members of the Summit County SWAT team, three of which are Silverthorne officers.



Drug Task Force

The Summit County Drug Task Force is a multi-agency unit that investigates illicit drug activities within the county. The Drug Task Force also provides training to its sponsoring departments and citizen groups.

DUI Enforcement

The goal of the Silverthorne Police Department is to educate community members on the effects of alcohol and to reduce the number of intoxicated drivers and alcohol related incidents within the town. The departments, along with other Summit County law enforcement agencies, local business owners, and the Summit Prevention Alliance, have formed a Drunk Driving Prevention Committee. This committee looks for ways to reduce drunk driving and to provide late night transportation services for those residents and guests of Summit County who have consumed alcohol.

Bike Patrol

The Silverthorne Police Department incorporates bicycle patrol in order to enhance its ability to provide law enforcement services to the community. Officers performing bicycle patrol will be assigned a regular patrol district or to special enforcement activities such as: Factory Outlet Stores, Skate Park, trails and park patrols, targeted crime areas, safety education in schools, and special traffic enforcement projects.