Buildings & Maintenance

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Town Hall
Recreation Center
The Building Department services all Town owned buildings and provides a total maintenance strategy that includes short-term and long-term plans as well as individual maintenance works. On going services are required for the following buildings: Town Hall, Recreation Center, Public Works Building, U.S. Forest Service and the Town Pavilion.

Program Policies

Buildings will be maintained to protect the Town's investment. With adequate staff and use of contract services the Town will preserve the value of the buildings, and reduce future expenses. As a healthy community, the Town encourages alcohol-free events in all facilities. The facilities are available to the community for minimal charge for non-profit, community and government agencies (costs of provided services only) and subsidized use as approved by the Council, Town Manager or Recreation and Culture Director. Other customers may use Town facilities at market rates. All requests for rentals should be directed to use the Recreation Center first. Use of the Town Hall shall be permitted only when the Recreation Center cannot accommodate the request.