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Building Inspections and Certification of Occupancy (CO)

All new construction must have a final inspection for the certification of occupancy (CO). This is done through the Town of Silverthorne building and water utilities departments. Scheduling this is done through the Towns Community Development Building Department located upstairs at Town Hall. 601 Center Circle, P.O. Box 1309, Silverthorne, CO 80435, Phone: 970-262-7360,  Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Water and Sewer Engineering Standards

Please visit Water and Sewer Standards for details on new construction*

*These standards are provided as general guidelines but do not relieve design engineers from their responsibilities to provide safe, functional, system designs that meet the standard of care expected of a registered professional engineer in the State of Colorado.


Please call 811 before digging in the Town of Silverthorne. Locates crews have 3 business days to perform their work. No digging is allowed before the end of the locate period or before the locators clear the area and provide a positive response thru 811. See 811 for more information about locates and digging. 

Service Inspections

The Town requires that all new construction, including remodels or modifications to water and sewer service lines, be inspected by Town staff before backfilling. This process requires notifying the Water Department at least 24hrs in advance to determine a schedule for inspections. Inspectors need to see the entire section of work done without backfill material on top of or blocking the view from any parts or fittings. For more detail please see the Towns new water construction cheat-sheet. All inspections of water and sewer work will be done through the Water Department and all road cuts, excavating and large projects, are to be through the Engineering Department.

Water and Sewer Service Lines

All water and sewer service lines up to and including the connections to the main lines are owned by the property owner. The Town does not locate private utilities but makes every effort to help our property owners if questions arise. If you have a project and or digging on your property and have questions, feel free to email (if non-urgent) the department at If urgent please call (970) 513-4870

 Water Meters

Once the building is protected from the elements and the water and sewer services are properly installed and inspected, a water meter may be installed and used for construction water. Once the Town has issued a Certification of Occupancy (CO) inspection, the water department will perform the final water cross connection inspection and connect the water meter assembly to a radio transmitter.

 Bulk Water

Please see Water Meters for information regarding bulk water usage.