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The Public Works Department’s Engineering Division consists of the Town Engineer. The Town Engineer is involved in a variety of tasks and roles, and works with other Town divisions and departments, private developers and project applicants, hired contractors and the general public.

Some key tasks, responsibilities and work areas include:

• Plan and development review of project proposals in both the Public and Private sectors. Reviews new development proposals for compliance with Town codes, standards and master plans.

• Development, review and update of the Town's Transportation Master Plan.

• Construction oversight and inspection.

• Contract management of public capital improvement projects such as the construction and/or maintenance of roads, pedestrian paths, bridges and other public facilities.

• Administers the Town’s road cut permitting program. For road cut information click here.  For road cut application click here.

• Administers the Town’s excavation or encroachment in the public right of way permitting program. For Excavation Permit Process and Standards click here.  For site Excavation and Grading Standards click here.  For Permit Application for Excavation or Encroachment in the Public Right of Way click here 

• Assists the Streets, Utilities and other Divisions and Departments as needed.

• Assists with the preparation and management of division and project budgets.

• Acts as the Floodplain Administrator related to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Flood Insurance Program matters. Assures compliance with Federal, State and local floodplain regulations. Click here for Q&A about Flood Insurance for Real Estate Professionals.

To view Erosion and Sediment Control During Construction  click here.

To view Master Drainage Plan click here.

To view Full Drainage Standards click here.

To review CDOT Pocket Guide for Erosion Control click here.

Policies.  It is the policy of the Town of Silverthorne to provide inspections of all new construction. The Town also manages all new Town projects to ensure they meet Town standards.