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Parks & Open Space

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Trent Park
Rainbow Park
Trent Park
The Department provides construction and grounds maintenance services for Town-owned and developed parkland, public facilities, flower boxes, and street right-of-way landscaped areas. In addition, the Parks Department is responsible for plowing all sidewalks and rec paths.  Currently, the Town's parks and trail systems include 35.22 acres of developed parkland. 

Program Policies

  • Provide parks and open space for the use and enjoyment of our citizens and visitors
  • Provide clean, well-maintained facilities that meet all applicable ADA requirements
  • Provide a safe environment for our citizens and visitors, whether they're visiting our parks or public facilities
  • Provide appropriate landscaping for each facility using the proper maintenance equipment to present a pleasant environment for those who use town facilities and to set an example for what we would like to see in other developed areas of Town