Street Maintenance

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Snow Removal
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This Department is responsible for street maintenance, sweeping, snow-plowing and snow removal, coordination with Colorado Department of Transportation and assistance to citizens and businesses relating to street system public improvements. The Town's street system currently consists of 27 miles of collector and local streets. 

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Program Policies

  • To plow snow from all streets and Town-maintained parking lots in the most efficient and timely manner possible. All streets and parking areas are prioritized and will be plowed accordingly. As time permits, cul-de-sacs will be cleared and snow banks pushed back. Each neighborhood has snow stacking and right-of-way, which is used for snow storage. The Town will strive to educate property owners where Town right-of way begins.
  • To remove snow in areas of high visibility or areas in which the snow causes transportation hazards or when snow stacks cause traffic risks. Removal shall be a priority when staff and equipment allow.
  • To secure areas to store snow which are low cost, low visibility and easily accessible. Storage areas shall be kept in the neatest manner possible and shall be knocked down as early in the spring as possible. If private property is used some consideration for restoration shall be made.
  • To maintain streets in a safe and efficient manner to ensure the transport of our citizens, visitors, and goods at all times. We will strive to keep our streets pothole free, well striped, clean, and adequately signed and lighted to ensure safe transportation. Our goal is to maintain our pavements in good condition, with properly graded shoulders and ditches and functional drainage ways. The Town strives to only build streets it can adequately maintain.
  • To sweep all Town streets and Town-maintained parking lots on a regular basis in order to reduce air and water pollution. Each spring a major cleaning will occur and periodic sweepings will take place during the summer months and as weather permits during the winter. Emphasis will be placed on priority intersections throughout town including Highway 6 and 9 intersections.
  • To provide a safe and efficient system of paths and walks connecting the major destinations in Town with the major residential areas of Town and with each other. The Town strives to provide a complete system of paths and walks, maintained in a manner to make them an inviting alternative to automobiles. All paths and walks are built to remain in full compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).