Water & Sewer

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Mission Statement

The Town is to provide a high quality water distribution and treatment system that exceeds local standards and meets the future needs of the community. The Town will continue to strive toward conservation of the community's water resources through policies in Town development ordinances.

Who We Serve

           We provide water and sewer services to residents of the Town of Silverthorne and a very small portion of the surrounding communities. We do not serve Wildernest (Buffalo Mountain Metro District (970) 513-1300), Mesa Cortina (Mesa Cortina Water and Sewer District (970) 626-2595), Hamilton Creek (Managed by Water Solutions Inc. (970) 468-1848), and Ruby Ranch (Managed by Willow Brook Metro District (303) 381-4960).

Town of Silverthorne Water/ Sewer Department Contacts

  • Zach Margolis - Utilities Manager                                                            (970) 262-7344
  • Chris Shelden - Water/Sewer Superintendent                                       (970) 513-4870
  • Hunter Amsbaugh - Water/Sewer Operator                                           (970) 262-7342
  • Julia Stennes - Water/Sewer Operator                                                    (970) 262-7348
  • Billing inquires - Jurgita Siebel Revenue Administrator                    (970) 262-7310