Water and Sewer Standards

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These standards are provided as general guidelines but do not relieve design engineers from their responsibilities to provide safe, functional, system designs that meet the standard of care expected of a registered professional engineer in the State of Colorado. These standards are updated continuously to reflect changes in technology. If questions or suggestions arise, please contact the Silverthorne Utility Manager - Zach Margolis at (970) 262-7344 or Zachm@Silverthorne.org

Town of Silverthorne Sewer Standards

Sewer Details

S1 – Sewer Service Line Connection

S2 – Sanitary Sewer Service In-Line Cleanout

S3 – Typical Sanitary Sewer Trench Section

S4 – Standard Manhole Riser and Cover

S5 – Shallow Manhole Riser and Cover

S6 – Manhole Base Interior

S7 – Manhole Base Sections

S8 – Inside Drop Manhole

S9 – Manhole Marker Post

S10 – Sewer/ Water Crossing


Town of Silverthorne Water Standards

Water Details

W1 – Water Service Line and Stop Box Connection and Installation

W2A – Residential Water Meter Installation

W2B – Commercial Water Meter Installation

W3 – Typical Water Trench Section

W4 – Typical Fire Hydrant Assembly

W5 – Valve and Valve Box Detail

W6 – Valve Marker Post

W7 – Thrust Block

W8 – Tie Rod and Washer Detail with Length of Restrained Pipe

W9 – Restrained Joints and Thrust Blocks at Vertical Bends

W10 – Blow-Off Installation 12” and Smaller Pipe

W11 – Tracer Wire Installation

W12 – Outside Setting or Irrigation Service

W13 – Bollard