Sanitary Sewer and the Environment

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 The Town maintains the wastewater collection system within Town limits and the Silverthorne/ Dillon Joint Sewer Authority (JSA) provides wholesale wastewater treatment. Property owners are responsible for their sewer service lines and their maintenance. 


  • A sewer backup occurs when water or sewage overflows from a toilet, tub, sink, or any other drain in your home. These events are more common in older homes, homes with basements, and more likely to occur on lower floors. See below for more information on prevention and clean up. 
  • Common causes of sewer backups include separated joints, clogged pipes, root damage, cracks in the pipe or main line backups.
  • If a sewer backup occurs in your home due to an issue with your service line, you are responsible for the cleanup and damage.
  • In most cases a sewer service backup is centralized to just that particular building and service line. However, please report any sewer backup event to the Town so we can verify that our system is operating correctly.


Don’t put any trash or food waste down the drain, don’t plant trees on or within 10' of the service line, don’t pour grease down drains, use grease-fighting dish detergents to break up blockages and never flush foreign objects down your drain.  



Sewer Backup Info


Don’t flush your old medications! Local organizations have established drop off centers that will properly dispose of unwanted medications. Wastewater treatment plants are not designed to process pharmaceutical medications and these drugs can enter the waterways and cause adverse environmental problems. Please see the High Country Conservation website for more information. 





Storm Sewer

The Towns streets department maintains the storm water collection system in Town. Please do not throw trash, chemicals or anything else down the system. These inlets collect water and flow directly into our rivers and water ways. Remember “The Drain is Just for Rain”

Drain is just for Rain