Water Quality

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The Town of Silverthorne posts a report annually that shows every type of water sample that was tested and the results. This document is called the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) and is posted in the Summit Daily Newspaper annually in June. Please click here for the most current report.

If your properties water supply is from a private well and you would like more information please visit the EPAs website or call 1-800-426-4791.


  • Only use cold water for cooking and drinking. Scale and buildup in hot water heaters can accumulate and break free when using hot water.
  • Only have drinking water quality materials on the water supply! The National Standards Foundation (NSF) is the organization that certifies materials for being safe or hazardous. NSF 61 is the classification for drinking water. All piping needs to be NSF 61. Other materials and metals can and will cause galvanic corrosion, scaling, rust formation and it will affect the drinking water.