Water Quality

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 Water Quality

The Town of Silverthorne Water Department's main goal is to consistently provide high quality water. 


  • The Town produces a water quality report annually that details every type of sampling done and the results. This document is called the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) and is posted in the Summit Daily newspaper annually and also available here on our website.
  • Lead and Copper
    • The Towns water supply source does not contain lead or copper.
    • Older water service lines installed in the Town are constructed of copper pipes.Newer lines are constructed for Polyethylene (PE) pipe. The Town is not aware of any lead service lines in the system. Service lines installed prior to 1984 have the potential to contain lead in the soldered joints.
    • The Town collects lead and copper samples from residents on an annual basis.
  • Did you know that Silverthorne water is famous? Well, we have won awards for best tasting water within 3 states!
  • If your properties water supply is from a private well than chances are you are not within the Towns limits. For information on private wells visit the EPAs website.


  • Only use cold water for cooking and drinking. Hot water heaters are not manufactured to produce drinking water quality. Scale and buildup in hot water heaters can accumulate and break free when using water.
  • Only have drinking water quality materials on the water supply! The National Standards Foundation (NSF) is the organization that certifies materials for being safe for certain applications. NSF 61 is the classification for drinking water. All piping needs to be NSF 61 approved. Other materials and metals can and may cause galvanic corrosion, scaling, rust formation and will affect the drinking water. Galvanized and black iron pipes and fittings are not allowed on the domestic water line and not before the fire system backflow device. 
  • For drinking and cooking, run the faucet until the water becomes cold. This helps ensure that you are getting fresh water that has not been stagnant in the homes plumbing. Extra Tip: conserve water by catching and using this flush water for household plants, pets, etc.