Recreation Center Policies

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The Silverthorne Recreation Center strives to offer quality, safe, and clean facilities and programs for all of our guests. To maintain a pleasant atmosphere for all guests, policies have been created to establish guidelines. Listed below are a few of our most frequently used policies. To view the Recreation and Culture Department policies in full, click here [PDF].

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 Frequently referenced policies

Age Requirements

6 Months & younger: Public access areas (lobby, community room and restrooms), pool, gymnasium and track with an adult.  In addition, and AT YOUR OWN RISK, may be in cardio and stretching areas ONLY if secured in an infant care seat, at the side of and in clear sight of adult.

6 months-3 years old: Kids Korner, by self after being enrolled during open child care hours.  WHEN IN ARMS REACH of a supervising, participating and paying guest who is at least 16 years old, may use public access areas, pool (1) and gymnasium.  In the Pool area, children 4 years and younger need a 3:1 kids to adult ratio.

4 years-6 years old: Kids Korner, by self after being enrolled during open child care hours. When accompanied by a supervising, participating and paying guest who is at least 16 years old, may use public access areas, pool (2), gymnasium and track. Children ages 6 and older must use gender-specific locker room or family locker room.

7-11 years:  Pool (2) and gymnasium by self.  When accompanied by a supervising, participating and paying guest who is at least 16 years old, may use the track, hot tub, sauna and steam room.  Children ages 10 & 11 may also attend a Fitness Class with an adult.

12-14 years:  Pool, gymnasium, track, fitness classes, hot tub, by self.  Cardio area, Movement Studio, and Circuit area only available after completing Youth Equipment Orientation class. Classes are found in the School Aged section of this brochure.

15-17 years:  All areas of the facility including the free weight room after completing the Youth Free Weight Orientation. 

(1) Paying guest must have on swim attire and be in water with child.
(2) Lifeguards may require swim test or supervising paying guest in water with child.

Program Policies

Pass Holder vs. Non-Pass Holder Rates on Classes and Activities: A passholder is a person who has an active, non-transferable pass valid for one month or more. A punch pass and corporate admission card holder is not eligible for the pass holder rate. A person over 3 years must have an individual pass or be part of a family pass to qualify for the pass holder rate. A child who is 3 years of age or younger is eligible for the passholder rate because they are too young for passes. For classes that require parent participation, the parent must be a pass holder for the child to receive the pass holder rate.

Facility Use Before and After Class: Guests must show a current pass or pay the daily admission fee to use the facility prior to or after a class. The only exception is children who are enrolled in swimming lessons.  In this situation, a child may swim up to one hour after their lesson. The parent and any other children not enrolled in lessons MUST pay the daily admission or show their pass to use the pool. Age Requirements and Pool Rules must be followed.

Program Cancellation (by individual) Policy: Program cancellations made at least 72 hours in advance of program start will be granted full refunds. Cancellations made less than 72 hours prior to program start are subject to Program Coordinator’s approval. Coordinator will assess class minimums, staffing, and supplies to determine if a late cancellation can be made. If a late cancellation is granted, a 20% administration fee will be assessed.

Cancellations requested after a program has started are also subject to Coordinator approval. Participants must contact the Coordinator as soon as possible, and no later than after two classes are missed.  Refunds, if approved, will be prorated with an additional 20% administrative fee applied. (20% of total class fee)

Cancellations due to injury or illness will be given prorated refunds, at Program Coordinator's discretion, when a doctor-written medical excuse is submitted and 50% or more of classes in a session are missed. Refund requests must be made within 30 days of last class.

Program Cancellations (Cancellation by Silverthorne Recreation Center): Silverthorne strives to provide regular programming for all ages; however, there are times when it is necessary to cancel programs.  In the unlikely event of a program cancellation, information will be distributed through Krystal 93, Facebook and/or e-mail as appropriate.

After school programs at the Silverthorne Recreation Center (programs for K-12 held after 3pm) will be cancelled when Summit County School District (SCSD) holds a district wide school cancellation.  Silverthorne will not automatically cancel after school programs when SCSD cancels their after school programs. 


If a program is cancelled, a refund will automatically be placed on your household account.  To receive this refund by another method a request must be made with the front desk.

Smile, You’re on Camera!   The Silverthorne Recreation and Culture Department uses brochures, flyers and TV spots to advertise our programs and events. We reserve the right to use photographs, video recordings and/or images of anyone in any activity, program, park, special event, or public place in present and/or future publications. Participants of Silverthorne Recreation Center programs may record and/or take photographs of program activities that are open for observation as long as it does not interfere with the instructor and participants, cause a safety concern, or infringe upon copyright laws. The individual(s) taping or taking photos of participants or programs must have an association with a registered participant or program. All other individuals wanting to take photos or tape events must have prior approval from recreation staff. We reserve the right to refuse anyone the privilege of taping or photographing events.

Pass Refund Policy:   Passes are non-refundable. Punch passes expire 6 months or 1 year from purchase depending on pass. Extensions will be granted only when proof of inability to use the facility due to medical reasons is presented in writing. Guests who cannot use the facility due to non-medical reasons, i.e. leaving the county, may give or sell remaining time on their pass to another guest, a $10 fee per pass will be assessed.