Town Manager's Office

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Town of SilverthorneThe Town Manager is the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer of the Town. The Town Manager is appointed by, and serves at the pleasure of, the Town Council.

The primary responsibilities of the Town Manager are to implement the policies of the elected Town Council. The Town Manager's Office, as provided by charter, is responsible for:

  • Enforcing all the laws and ordinances of the Town
  • Hiring and firing personnel
  • Preparing the annual budget and annual financial report
  • Directing day-to-day operations and supervising all departments
  • Advising Council and making recommendations on policies and programs
  • Attending Council meetings
  • Enforcing all terms and conditions of contracts and utility franchises



STAFF Phone E-Mail
Ryan Hyland, Town Manager 970-262-7319
Mark Leidal, Assistant Town Manager 970-262-7362
Susan Schulman, Executive Assistant 970-262-7305
Sarah Thompson, Human Resource Manager 970-262-7306

Michael Evans, Human Resource Assistant 970-262-7309